My 5 Favorite “Open Middle” Problems

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I stumbled upon Open Middle in 2015 while looking for resources to be used as a warm up that would be easily differentiated for my fifth graders. While we had discussed growth mindset, had been using visual representations, and had engaged in some productive struggle, many weren’t prepared for the level of flexible thinking Open Middle problems required. I was hooked!

Updated Item Samplers and TE Item Types for Math MCA

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Submitted by Angela Hochstetter – Math Assessment Specialist, MNDOE Ann Page – Math Assessment Specialist, MNDOE This article will answer the following two questions: How can a teacher find new items on the math item samplers? How can a teacher or student find all of the different types of technology-enhanced (TE) items that could be […]

Grade 11 and DOK III Items Added to MCA Released Items

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MDE added 21 released items to the released item web page. The items span grades 3 through 8 and 11, including a few DOK III items.

Highlighting Mistakes

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As a PLC, our middle school math department decided to try this strategy out as a way to give feedback on assessment this year.  It is too soon to have data, but the feeling so far is positive from both students and teachers perspective.

Educators Needed: Item Review for Grade 9-12 Math Assessment

 Dr. Theodore J. Christ and his research team in Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota are developing math assessment items for students in grades 9-12. We need math educators or others with similar skills (e.g., educators on sabbatical, retired, in-transition, math experts, etc.) who can participate in item reviews from late December 2017 – April 2018. 

Building Community: Connecting with Adult Basic Education

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Over the course of the last several years, many ABE teachers and I have been attending MCTM and other Minnesota math events, conferences and professional development sessions. The following is a brief introduction to who we are, what we do, who are students are, and ways you can begin to learn more!

MyNCTM is Your NCTM!

You know, and we know, that learning, planning, and growing with others is better than doing so in isolation. MyNCTM, just released, is designed to support you in actively doing this with one another.


I love books about leadership. I especially love those books that provide a vision and an opportunity for reflection. Dr. Timothy Kanold’s book titled HEART! Fully Forming Your Professional Life as a Teacher and Leader does both.

2018 Spring Conference and Symposium

2018 MCTM Spring Conference and Symposium – Information and Registration.

Meaningful Relationships

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So how do we build those relationships with our middle schoolers?  Let’s face it- their personalities can change by the hour sometimes!  Here are a few things I’ve tried- some are the obvious types, others are stolen from #MTBOS  folks that are so willing to share.