Math Tweeter of the Month

Minnesota Math Teacher Tweeter
Written by: Megan Schmidt (@veganmathbeagle)

MCTM President Sara Vanderwerf has shouted Twitter’s praises from the rooftops as a way to connect with other teachers, reflect on current practice, and plan lessons. As an ongoing feature, Math Bits would like to highlight some of Minnesota’s fabulous teachers that are growing professionally through social media.

This month, our featured tweeter is Bryan Anderson, a 4th – 12th grade teacher at First City School in Bemidji Minnesota. He says that the best part about being on Twitter is participating in the ongoing conversation revolving around teaching. He can get a fresh perspective from outside his locale and apply those ideas to his classroom. In addition, Bryan helps facilitate a weekly twitter chat of middle school teachers around various topics specific to mathematics in the middle grades. You can participate or follow along by using the hashtag #msmathchat. Bryan is also an active blogger and shares his experiences on his website: If you’re on Twitter (and you should be) you can follow Bryan at @Anderson02B. If you’re not on Twitter, you can sign up for Twitter right here. Tell them Sara Vanderwerf (@saravdwerf) sent you.


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