From the MCTM Equity Task Force

Happy Summer! The Equity Task Force wanted to supply you with some summer reading/viewing opportunities to support your learning and growth in the area of equity. Jose Vilson spoke to us in April, at the MCTM conference in Duluth, about, “The Room Where It Happens” and how we teach mathematics to ALL of our students. He is one of the creators of the EduColor Movement (#Educolor). There is a resource page: that provides a variety of resources and mediums to learn more about equity in education.

In addition, the books The Equity Task Force read last year were:
· Blindspot, by Mahzarin Banaja and Anthony Greenwald

· Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell

· Not a Test, by Jose Vilson

Excellent reads for summer time!

Lastly, The Equity Task Force would like to begin using the hashtag #MathPower. We were brainstorming ways to communicate more timely and frequently to discuss current topics in math education, equity in our classrooms and ways to support each other on the journey of learning. Look for this hashtag this summer and join the discussion.

Our hope is that everyone has a safe and relaxing summer.

The MCTM Equity Task Force

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