MCA Achievement Level Descriptor Maps (Progressions)

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The mathematics MCA Achievement Level Descriptor Maps are the Achievement Level Descriptors (ALDs) organized into a table format. This organization reflects the language of the descriptors in the original ALD document for each strand and at each achievement level progressing from Does Not Meet to Exceeds (from left to right). See the mathematics grade 3 example below. It is important to note that not every benchmark is represented at every achievement level.

There is a descriptor map for each grade that is tested on the MCA in math, reading, and science. These maps are on the department of education website MDE > Districts, Schools and Educators > Statewide Testing > Achievement Level Descriptors (or use the web address: Once you have arrived at the ALD web page please select the subject area MCA Achievement Level Descriptor Map and navigate (scroll down in the document) to the desired grade level.

It is important to note that these maps are supplementary materials to the MCA Achievement Level Descriptors. There is important information about the ALDs that is only found in the complete ALD document. These maps are “one-pagers” for each grade comprised of the various ALDs, but do not include other important information.
For additional information on the ALDs and what they are, please reference the June 14, 2016, MathBits article Reading the MCA Reports.
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