Connect with Metro Area Math Teachers!

Sara Van Der Werf

Teacher, Minneapolis South High School
MCTM President


MCTM’s special committee for pre-service and new mathematics teachers, CONNECT has hosted two get-togethers in the metro area over the last several months. Both events were well received. At the spring conference in Duluth, the CONNECT committee will be giving out the 3 dates for future get-togethers in 2017-19. Look for these dates on MCTM’s Facebook or twitter pages.

As I advertised CONNECT’s events I was contacted by many not-new math teachers saying “Hey, we want to get together too”. Here is what I know for sure. I know that all teachers are more likely to stay in the profession when they surround themselves with supportive communities. I also know that the best professional development is simply time to connect and network with other math teachers. I don’t need a program. I don’t need a PLC. I just need to regularly meet with enthusiastic teacher learners.

I reached out to one of the most vibrant math teacher communities I know for help. The math teachers from Mounds View middle schools have modeled a healthy community for years. The entire group of them shows up every spring in Duluth. They are friendly and excited about teaching mathematics. I was introduced to them by my friend Deb Rykken. Deb was their mentor for a few year and now functions as an informal mentor. She told me that one of the reasons this group of math teachers has been successful is they hang out together socially on a regular basis. So….i begged my way into their social fun a week ago and asked them to host an informal get-together for any Minnesota Math teacher who wants to join us. They agreed!

The Mounds View mathematics teachers, Deb Rykken and myself would like to invite you to join us on Thursday, March 30th at La Casita (5085 Central Ave NE, Columbia Heights, MN 55421) beginning at 4:30pm for an informal gathering in their bar area (I hear they have free apps before 6pm). Just show up, no need to RSVP. Deb will be there. I will be there. The amazing math teachers from Mounds View schools will be there. All teachers, regardless of experience are invited. Be brave. Come and join us even if you don’t know any of us. We promise to go out of our way to make you feel welcome.

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