Comparing Multiple-Response Questions to Multiple-Choice Questions on the MCA

There are a variety of technology-enhanced (TE) questions used on the MCA. One type of TE question is called multiple-response (MR). In this type of question the student is expected to select more than one answer option. Looking at question 11 in section 1 of the grade 5 item sampler we will show some examples that prompt the students to select multiple answers in a multiple-response question.

In the question and again in the directive line prior to the answer options, the plural form of the answer type is used.

In addition, the answer options are formatted differently for MR questions than for multiple-choice (MC) questions.

  • MR questions have 5 or more options, while MC questions have exactly 4 options.
  • MR questions have a square next to each answer option, while MC questions have a circle.
  • MR questions do not have the letters A., B., C., D. next to the answer options, but the MC questions do have these letters.
  • When selected, MR options show a black check mark, while the MC options show a blue filled-in circle.
  • In an MC question, if a student selects B, then D, only option D will be selected. MC items only allow one answer option to be marked. In an MR question, a student may select as many options as they wish.

Consider taking a moment or two with your students to discuss and analyze similarities and differences between these two different types of questions.

If you would like to see other TE questions types, please look through the grade level item samplers (different item types are in different grades). Or reference the MathBits article from February 29th, 2016, MCA Technology Enhanced Items in Action (videos).

As always, please do not hesitate to contact Angela and Ann with any questions or concerns.

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