Summer Math Camps for Students

The Minnesota Math League is hosting two math camps as part of their Summer Institute. Opportunities are available for students entering grades 7-12 to study mathematics that goes beyond the traditional curriculum.

Maintaining Connections with Former Students

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For those of us who work with pre-service teachers… How do you keep in touch with your former students after they graduate? How can these teachers remain connected with each other and with you?

Lesson Planning Workshop in a Methods Course

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I teach at St. Olaf College, where we have a small (but vibrant!) math education program for secondary pre-service teachers (PSTs).

Mathematical Immersion Unit for Pre-Service Teachers

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For those working with pre-service secondary mathematics teachers, I’ve developed a two-week mathematics immersion unit as part of my secondary methods course. I start the methods course with this immersion experience as a kind of learning touchstone that we can go back to later when we are thinking about teaching.

Summer Graduate Math Courses at Bemidji State

Submitted by Glen Richgels
The Higher Learning Commission has adopted new rules/regulations concerning instructors of mathematics at post secondary institutions. Bemidji State University has put together a variety of graduate level mathematics courses to help individuals meet these new requirements.

Lagrange Interpolation

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Here’s an interesting piece of mathematics that’s fun and useful for high school teachers to know. It deals with polynomials|adding/multiplying polynomials; the relationship between its roots and factors; and so on.

CONNECT in November

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MCTM CONNECT (Committee to Orient and Network New/Novice Educators into a Community of (Math) Teaching) is an MCTM initiative that aims to provide support for pre-service mathematics teachers and those in their first few years in the profession. For the rest 2015–2016, we plan to have a monthly feature in MathBits with a CONNECT theme—stay tuned!

Whose responsibility is learning?

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Submitted by Christopher Danielson
… two competing forces—teaching students responsibility for their learning, and wanting to make sure they understand…the need to prepare students for the instruction they’ll get in college, and …the desire to ensure they are prepared for the content they’ll get in college…