We Are Powerless

On Friday, at the NCTM Annual Meeting in San Antonio, I was lucky enough to deliver an Ignite with 9 other amazing classroom teachers. Each had their own special take on education. Here is mine.

Bringing Math to a 6th Grade STEM Class through 3D Printing

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This article briefly describes the beginning of our collaboration (that of a middle school teacher, a college math professor, and an undergraduate preservice teacher) and also describes one of the projects we created with the help of the MCTM.

Estimation 180 in a 3rd Grade Classroom

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Post-recess and lunch excitement is in the air as we walk back to our classroom; where our next subject to begin is math. As we all know, routines are crucial in the classroom so we begin our student-led, mindful breathing to focus our bodies and minds for learning.

FIVE! 5 Images to Inspire Mathematical Discussion

5 Images to inspire mathematical discussion.Minnesota: The land of 10,000 words for every picture.

Desmos Dude

Minnesota Math Students catch the eye of the national math educator audience.

March Madness in Math Class

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I don’t know about you, but the term “March Madness” is a relevant term in Minnesota Education. When March rolls around I start to think about how far we have gotten addressing the content, and how much further do we need to go. How are we going to get it all done?

Notes from Region 1

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Over the last three years that I have been here at Albert Lea, I have seen a huge, positive impact with student understanding of mathematics. I believe that is due to multiple reasons; however, the one I want to share today is how important a math-positive culture is to success.

It’s Elementary! – Planning

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Last month we looked at what constitutes a rich task. How can we open up the tasks in our curriculum to be more engaging for all our learners?

Choosing a Primary Resource for Instruction

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The term “primary resource” for many would be the “curriculum” used to guide instruction. For the district in which I teach, our curriculum is the set of MN standards for math; our “primary resource” is the text (or other platform) teachers use to guide instruction on the standards and benchmarks

It’s Elementary! – Rich Tasks

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We hear a lot about Rich Tasks these days. But…what does a “rich task” look like to you? What separates a rich task from an ordinary one? Where do we find them?