Candidates for VP High School

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Mike Floersch

Current Position

Math Instructor at Rosemount High School (Rosemount, MN) – Tech Math and AP Statistics (21 Years)
Adjunct Professor for St. Mary’s University, MN – Applied Statistics in the Business Department (11 Years)
Adjunct Professor for St. Mary’s University, MN – MAED Program (Just Hired)


60 Graduate Credits – Andrews University, Michigan
MS in Education Administration: Educational Leadership – Minnesota State University at Mankato
BA in Mathematics, Teaching License, & MN Coaching License – University of St. Thomas, St. Paul

Goals as MCTM Officer

26 years ago I went to my first teacher conference. I can remember coming away from that conference even more inspired to teach math and make a difference in kid’s lives. Here I am, having taught for 25 years, and each year I attend the MCTM conference I come away with a list of great ideas from other teachers.   I am reinvigorated to bring fresh ideas to my classroom. I have presented at the conference as well, hoping that I too can help inspire other teachers. Education has changed since I started teaching and I think it is even more important that math teachers across the state learn from each other. Minnesota has a tradition, known nationally, as having some of the best teachers, so I think it is important that we all tap into those resources and share ideas – both what worked and what didn’t work. My goal, as the MCTM Vice President for High School, would be to reinvigorate teachers across the state to, not only attend the conference, but to also become presenters. I would also like to find a way to get Minnesota math teachers to have some input on what they think is important and what topics they are most concerned about or interested in. There is no doubt that technology is changing the way our subjects are being taught with the introduction of personal devices like tablets and chromebooks in the classroom. Many teachers are overwhelmed by that concept and I believe it is our duty to come together and help each other work through those changes. I strongly believe the MCTM Conference is where our inspiration can begin.

Professional Affiliations

  • Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • American Federation of Teachers
  • National Education Association

Involvement in MCTM, NCTM and Mathematics Education

I have presented at the MCTM Spring Conference for many years. I have presented on Math: Keeping it Real where I showed how we can teach mathematics in a way that kids can relate to and not have to ask “when am I ever going to have use this?” I have also presented on how to Flip a Math Class. I have flipped my AP Statistics course at Rosemount High School and I have also flipped my Applied Statistics course at St. Mary’s University. This past December, I presented at the TIES 2016 Education Technology Conference on Using Technology and Games (Amazing Race & Quests) to Help Review (which I also hope to present at the 2017 MCTM Conference). District 196 hosts a Spring Symposium where I have also had the honor of presenting on the topic Using Technology in the Math Classroom.

Kristin Johnson

Current Position

9-12 Mathematics Teacher, St. Louis Park Senior High School


BA, 1994, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN;
MEd in Mathematics, 1999, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

Goals as MCTM Officer

I have been teaching mathematics for 21 years in an array pf positions from middle school to alternative school to remedial classes to team teaching support classes with special education teachers to honors/IB/AP classes. With all those experiences, I have found it very important to be connected with other teachers. I would like to build those connections within MCTM through social media as well as face to face events like the spring conference. MCTM needs to continue to be the voice for mathematics education in the state and gaining exposure through events like Math on A Stick at the State Fair. I would work with MCTM to promote mathematical learning within social justice issues, problem based learning as well as making mathematical success more equitable within the state.

Professional Affiliations

  • Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • MAA
  • Education Minnesota

Involvement in MCTM and Mathematics Education


  • District 5 Director 2006-2009
  • Executive Board 2006-2009
  • MCTM Algebra Task Force
  • Member of Mathematics Best Practice Network
  • Presenter and presider at MCTM and NCTM conferences
  • Presenter at math team coaches conferences
  • Scholars of Distinction in Mathematics planning committee
  • Standard Setting Committee for 11th grade MCA test at MN Department of Education
  • Alignment Study Committee for 11th grade MCA test at MN Department of Education
  • Facilitator of student work grant through the Prep Center at District 287
  • Math team coach
  • Supervised MN ARML teams

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