The Spinner 3-Act Task in 4th Grade

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How long will a fidget spinner spin? I used this current craze to engage my 4th graders in a math review. Students started by making an estimate of how long the spin would last.

Estimation 180 in a 3rd Grade Classroom

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Post-recess and lunch excitement is in the air as we walk back to our classroom; where our next subject to begin is math. As we all know, routines are crucial in the classroom so we begin our student-led, mindful breathing to focus our bodies and minds for learning.

Making Sense

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This was a wonderful opportunity for discussions around making sense of the problem, communicating clearly and making sense of each other’s thinking. Yes, in first grade.

It’s Elementary! – Planning

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Last month we looked at what constitutes a rich task. How can we open up the tasks in our curriculum to be more engaging for all our learners?

It’s Elementary! – Rich Tasks

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We hear a lot about Rich Tasks these days. But…what does a “rich task” look like to you? What separates a rich task from an ordinary one? Where do we find them?

Open the Middle of Problems for Students

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There are so many questions that float through my head when I see something new that piques my interest. Let’s look at one of those resources, Open Middle. Open Middle sprang from the mind of Robert Kaplinski after attending to Dan Meyer’s talk Video Games and Making Math More Like Things Students Like.

Extenhancing understanding of the Pythagorean theorem

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Once we have guided our students to connect the geometric representation with the algebraic representation of the relationship, we can further deepen their conceptual understanding, broaden their concept image, and promote reasoning and sense making through a series of tasks such as these.

My Favorite Task & the Magical Teaching Sweet Spot

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Submitted by Sara Van Der Werf
I could not have predicted my favorite day in my 7th grade classroom last school year. The task I selected for the day was chosen as a quick 10 minute warm-up problem.