Making Minnesota Nice with the Standards of Mathematical Practice

As members of the Minnesota mathematics community, it may be no mystery that the Gopher state opted out of adopting the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics.

Parents as Partners in Teaching Mathematics

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Contributed by Nina Smith
Recently I met with a very frustrated parent. What was the source of her frustration? She simply wanted to help her child with math homework.

Enhance Your Professional Development with NCTM Membership

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Abe Schwartz, NCTM Representative As a mathematics educator or researcher, your passion is ensuring that all students receive the highest quality math education possible. Membership in NCTM means access to the resources you need to turn your passion into measurable student learning outcomes. In addition to exclusive resources and the latest research, membership in NCTM […]

Math Drives Careers – Mathematics Awareness Month April 2015

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Innovation is an increasingly important factor in the growth of world economies. It is especially important in key economic sectors like manufacturing, materials, energy, biotechnology, healthcare, networks, and professional and business services. The advances in and applications of the mathematical sciences have become drivers of innovation as new systems and methodologies have become more complex. […]

Core Math Tools. CPMP-Tools. TCMS-Tools. Variations on freely available technology for investigation and problem solving.

The version of these software tools developed in conjunction with an NCTM task force is called is Core Math Tools. It is promoted on the NCTM website along with sample lessons, custom apps, and readily available how-to pages that may make it the most user friendly place to begin.

March Math Madness Challenge!

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Are you ready for an “I love math month”? See what Courtney LaRoche was inspired to create for her district and invites you to use in your own.

Finding Meaning in Fluency

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Contributed by RoseMary Hunt
“My mom showed me a trick,” came from a third grader in the middle of the room. The look of horror from four students at the table in front of me was priceless. They know “trick” is a banned word in my math class. They started whispering to me as the first student rambled on about zeros…

Comfy Chaos in the Middle School Classroom

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Submitted by Amy Wix
When I meet a middle school teacher, I think to myself, “Wow, someone who understands my world!”

My Favorite Task & the Magical Teaching Sweet Spot

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Submitted by Sara Van Der Werf
I could not have predicted my favorite day in my 7th grade classroom last school year. The task I selected for the day was chosen as a quick 10 minute warm-up problem.