FIVE! 5 Images to Inspire Mathematical Discussion

5 Images to inspire mathematical discussion.Minnesota: The land of 10,000 words for every picture.

Desmos Dude

Minnesota Math Students catch the eye of the national math educator audience.

Scholarships and Teacher Support

The MCTM Foundation awards scholarships of up to $1200 to middle school teachers to help with costs. You can help us award more grants by donating to the MCTM Foundation.

Volunteer Opportunities

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We hope this helps you in your efforts to make connections. If you find something you want to share, or are looking for volunteers within the MCTM organization, contact your Region Director who will be able to channel the information to the Communications Committee.

MCTM Foundation Grants and Scholarships

Spring Conference Grants Deadline Feb. 10th
Scholarships for Middle School Teachers of Mathematics

Hidden Figures

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The movie, Hidden Figures, is currently the number one movie in the country! Here are ways to include it with your math courses…

Choosing a Primary Resource for Instruction

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The term “primary resource” for many would be the “curriculum” used to guide instruction. For the district in which I teach, our curriculum is the set of MN standards for math; our “primary resource” is the text (or other platform) teachers use to guide instruction on the standards and benchmarks

Supplemental Math Resources from MDE

On the Pearson Perspective website ( there are hundreds of FREE resources available to you and your students.

Access, Equity and Empowerment – A Report from the Affiliate Leadership Conference

The focus of this year’s conference was to frame the WHY of our organization in order to connect to the heart of our members and their work as educators.

Q & A about MCA Math Test Resources

Q1: What can you do to help prepare students for the MCA?