Calculators on the MCA

The calculators used on the MCA are available online for use in classrooms or on homework. To take advantage of the free online calculator, visit the PearsonAccess Next websites shown.

MCA Technology Enhanced Items In Action (videos)

Submitted by Angela Hochstetter and Ann Page (MDE Math Specialists)
Would you like to see some technology-enhanced items in action?

Have a Say about the MCA

Submitted by Angela Hochstetter and Ann Page (MDE Math Specialists)
Do you want a chance to give feedback about questions that will be field tested on the MCA next year?

MCA Online Item Samplers and Teacher Guides

Item samplers and teacher guides are available as resources for MCA preparation. The teacher guides give additional information about each sampler item and may be used in conjunction with the samplers. (The online location for both of these is at the end of this post.)

MCA Assessment Update

Now that the New Year has begun, it’s time to turn our attention to the MCAs. The following is some important information about OLPA and the 2016 MCA tests.

MDE Assessment Information – updated teacher guides and resource links

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Prepared by Ann Page and Rosemary Heinitz
If you are thinking of having your students take the math item samplers, look for an updated version coming soon.

MCA and assessment updates

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Prepared by Rosemary Heinitz, Mathematics Assessment Specialist, Minnesota Department of Education
The testing window for the MCA-III Assessments opened on March 9. Here are some reminders about resources to use with students prior to testing and answers to questions about what other tests are required for graduation as well as administered for the first time this school year.