Updated Item Samplers and TE Item Types for Math MCA

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Submitted by Angela Hochstetter – Math Assessment Specialist, MNDOE Ann Page – Math Assessment Specialist, MNDOE This article will answer the following two questions: How can a teacher find new items on the math item samplers? How can a teacher or student find all of the different types of technology-enhanced (TE) items that could be […]

Grade 11 and DOK III Items Added to MCA Released Items

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MDE added 21 released items to the released item web page. The items span grades 3 through 8 and 11, including a few DOK III items.

Data Table Added to Each Released Math Item

Released items and data tables are now provided for teacher or parent use as well as for students. All items on the MDE Released Item webpage were used operationally on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA-III).

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Examples with Shared Context

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The following examples were compiled to demonstrate one way depth of knowledge (DOK) levels I, II, and III may be displayed in a test item (question).

NEW Released Math MCA Items

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), for the first time in its history, has released some math items for teacher and student use on our website. Supplemental information, such as metadata and answer option rationales, is provided to make the items more useful for classroom practice.

MCA Achievement Level Descriptor Maps (Progressions)

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There is a descriptor map for each grade that is tested on the MCA in math, reading, and science. These maps are on the department of education website MDE > Districts, Schools and Educators > Statewide Testing > Achievement Level

Comparing Multiple-Response Questions to Multiple-Choice Questions on the MCA

There are a variety of technology-enhanced (TE) questions used on the MCA. One type of TE question is called multiple-response (MR). In this type of question the student is expected to select more than one answer option.

Q & A about MCA Math Test Resources

Q1: What can you do to help prepare students for the MCA?

Helpful Hints – Fill in the Blank Items on the MCA

All responses to fill in the blank (FIB) items are reviewed by a computer program/algorithm as well as math specialists. Over the years, similar mistakes have been noted on the MCA across items and grades.

Reading the MCA Reports

What do Partially Meets, Meets, and Exceeds mean on the Individual Student Reports (ISR)?