It’s Elementary!

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Sometimes an idea keeps coming up in surprising places and surprising ways. At first it intrigues you. Then it pops up again and again. You start thinking someone out there is trying to tell you something.

Edcamp Math Science MN – Oct 21

Edcamp Math Science MN is a form of unconference designed specifically for math and science teachers and their needs.

Join Greg Tang in Minneapolis for His 10 Best Practices Workshop

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To succeed in math, students need number sense and strong reasoning skills. They also need to visualize, generalize and communicate their thinking.

Happy New Year!

Over the summer I rediscovered the book Accessible Mathematics: 10 Instructional Shifts that Raise Student Achievement by Steven Leinwand. The lens is pointed to “engage, and focus on understanding and application.” (p.2) In this time of heightened awareness and action to engage all students and to be culturally responsive in our classrooms, it makes sense to integrate Leinwand’s shifts.

Open the Middle of Problems for Students

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There are so many questions that float through my head when I see something new that piques my interest. Let’s look at one of those resources, Open Middle. Open Middle sprang from the mind of Robert Kaplinski after attending to Dan Meyer’s talk Video Games and Making Math More Like Things Students Like.

MN Math Tweeter of the Month

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I found all of his answers to my questions very thoughtful and interesting, and I wanted to share them all. So rather than giving you a summary of his responses, enjoy Andy Pethan…uncut.

AP STEM Course Changes for 2016-17

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The College Board updates its Advanced Placement courses every few years. Often, the changes are minor tweaks to course content. This year, the changes are substantial for three STEM courses.

The Importance of Problem Solving in the Math Classroom

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When we think about math, really think about what mathematics is, we see patterns, relationships and structure in number, geometry and other branches as well.

“It’s the Little Things”

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It’s paying attention to the little things that makes a big difference. How do we get our students to see value in proof reading their work and answers?

My Arduino Adventure

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Each year I try to introduce new technology that requires coding into my middle school STEM class. In researching what’s out there in the “maker/tinkerer” world, I was attracted to the Arduino as a means to “ignite” my STEM students about coding and electronics.