More Accessible Mathematics

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I used the book: Accessible Mathematics: 10 Instructional Shifts that Raise Student Achievement by Steven Leinwand as a springboard for some ideas to reflect upon as the new school year was underway.

All Things Pythagorean

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The Pythagorean Theorem has never seemed the same to me since seeing it rendered in terms of the Mona Lisa.

Arguments Encouraged

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For 3 mornings I worked with a group of math teachers lead by Chris Luzniak (@pispeak) and Matt Baker (@stoodle) aimed at promoting discussion among your students allowing for more talk from them and less talk directed at them.

Chrome Extensions

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My school became a GAFE school a few years ago and it has been great with all students having a google account. But I began to question how google could help me as a teacher. I heard a lot about apps, add-ons, and extensions but I didn’t really know the difference between them and which ones I should use.

Mathematical Immersion Unit for Pre-Service Teachers

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For those working with pre-service secondary mathematics teachers, I’ve developed a two-week mathematics immersion unit as part of my secondary methods course. I start the methods course with this immersion experience as a kind of learning touchstone that we can go back to later when we are thinking about teaching.

Differentiating with Trajectories

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A learning trajectory is a common developmental path to understanding a concept. Douglas H. Clements describes a simple example: “children first learn to crawl, which is followed by walking, running, skipping, and jumping with increased speed and dexterity.”

What is an Edcamp and Why Should You Go?

Better yet, attend EdCamp Math & Science MN on October 21st 2016, 9 AM to 3 PM at a new location, Prior Lake High School. Register here: and follow on Twitter #EdcampMSMN.

It’s Elementary!

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Sometimes an idea keeps coming up in surprising places and surprising ways. At first it intrigues you. Then it pops up again and again. You start thinking someone out there is trying to tell you something.

Edcamp Math Science MN – Oct 21

Edcamp Math Science MN is a form of unconference designed specifically for math and science teachers and their needs.

Join Greg Tang in Minneapolis for His 10 Best Practices Workshop

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To succeed in math, students need number sense and strong reasoning skills. They also need to visualize, generalize and communicate their thinking.