My 5 Favorite “Open Middle” Problems

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I stumbled upon Open Middle in 2015 while looking for resources to be used as a warm up that would be easily differentiated for my fifth graders. While we had discussed growth mindset, had been using visual representations, and had engaged in some productive struggle, many weren’t prepared for the level of flexible thinking Open Middle problems required. I was hooked!

Learning Basic Single-Digit Combinations (Facts)

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Rather than a sole emphasis on rote memorization in high stakes timed environments, consciously spending time on these derived strategies helps students develop the very strategies and algebraic relations that are necessary when operating with multidigit numbers.

Highlighting Mistakes

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As a PLC, our middle school math department decided to try this strategy out as a way to give feedback on assessment this year.  It is too soon to have data, but the feeling so far is positive from both students and teachers perspective.

Meaningful Relationships

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So how do we build those relationships with our middle schoolers?  Let’s face it- their personalities can change by the hour sometimes!  Here are a few things I’ve tried- some are the obvious types, others are stolen from #MTBOS  folks that are so willing to share.

Mathematical Beauty on Vacation to Use in Classroom Conversation

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This interaction reminded me of a talk Christopher Danielson gave at MCTM Duluth this past spring, using photos to encourage math discussion and Malke Rosenfeld’s Instagram Page, Math Off the Page. I was inspired to find the mathematical beauty as I explored Trinidad and Tobago the next several days.

10 Minnesota Math Teacher Blogs

Here are some of my favorite Minnesota Math Teacher Bloggers. You need to follow each of their blogs. They all have some fantastic things to say. (In no particular order)

My 5 Favorite “Which One Doesn’t Belong” Images

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Narrowing down to just 5 favorite Which One Doesn’t Belong images was difficult. Not only are there a wealth of resources on the site, following @WODBMath and #wodb on Twitter, and this Google folder expands your options to even more treasures.

Learning Basic Single-Digit Combinations (Facts): Developing Important Ideas in Mathematics; Part I – The Case

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This is the first in a series of articles that proposes a different instructional approach and purpose for becoming fluent in recalling basic single-digit combinations in all four operations.

Building Classroom Community

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So as we get started on this new school year, work as a school to support each other in the development of your school community. Look to your colleagues to improve your skills and share ideas.

The Spinner 3-Act Task in 4th Grade

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How long will a fidget spinner spin? I used this current craze to engage my 4th graders in a math review. Students started by making an estimate of how long the spin would last.