It’s Elementary, My Dear Watson!

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Welcome back to a new school year! We hope your year is off to an exciting start. Our goal for this column is to inspire teachers to inspire children. How can we help our students to see their world through a mathematical lens?

Open the Middle of Problems for Students

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There are so many questions that float through my head when I see something new that piques my interest. Let’s look at one of those resources, Open Middle. Open Middle sprang from the mind of Robert Kaplinski after attending to Dan Meyer’s talk Video Games and Making Math More Like Things Students Like.

MN Math Tweeter of the Month

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I found all of his answers to my questions very thoughtful and interesting, and I wanted to share them all. So rather than giving you a summary of his responses, enjoy Andy Pethan…uncut.

The Homework Debate

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Submitted by May Vang
How does anyone tackle the homework debate without going in circles or feeling like it is a losing battle?

For the making…hundreds of polyhedra like you’ve never seen before!

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Explore the realm of polyhedra by constructing paper models chosen from among several hundred possibilities. Printable nets and in some cases step by step illustrated instructions are provided.

Extenhancing understanding of the Pythagorean theorem

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Once we have guided our students to connect the geometric representation with the algebraic representation of the relationship, we can further deepen their conceptual understanding, broaden their concept image, and promote reasoning and sense making through a series of tasks such as these.