Math Tweeter of the Month

Minnesota Math Teacher Tweeter
Written by: Megan Schmidt (@veganmathbeagle)

Last year, at MCTM in Duluth, Aloma P. Rohman (@rohmansoldier) joined Twitter and started her exciting journey through the MathTwitterBlogosphere (#MTBoS). She is currently a K-8 Math Coach/Specialist at Cologne Academy in Cologne, MN. Her favorite part about being connected with other educators online is that she can use what she has found online to help the teachers she coaches. She is no longer bound by just isolated professional development.

And speaking of professional development, the fall conference season is tapering off with the NCTM Regional Conference headlining at the Minneapolis Convention Center recently. Given personal and district monetary constraints, it’s not always possible for many educators around the state to attend. Thankfully, there are Twitter educators like Aloma P. Rohman who are excited to share their experience via social media. Check out all of the NCTM Regional Conference tweets here to catch up on all of the amazing sessions.


Aloma and I working at the #MTBoS booth at NCTM

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