For the making…hundreds of polyhedra like you’ve never seen before!

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Polyhedra have inspired not only mathematicians, but also artists and philosophers for thousands of years.  The Greeks found the fact that there were exactly five regular polyhedra (the Platonic solids) very compelling.  Though the Platonic solids (regular) and the thirteen Archimedean solids (semi-regular) may be encountered by mathematics students, there is a vast array of types that are less familiar including concave pyramids, twisted prisms, and kaleidocycles.

Explore the realm of polyhedra by constructing paper models chosen from among several hundred  possibilities.  Printable nets and in some cases step by step illustrated instructions are provided.

How about a 17-sided octagonal star pyramid?  Or a twisted decagonal prism?  Or a 51-face pentacontamonohedron?  You might want to try the puzzle where six triangular pyramids (or six square pyramids) are put together to form a cube.  leads to Gijs Korthals Altes’ main page, but you may want to begin with the overall collection in the visual index

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  1. Helen T Kock
    January 29, 2015

    I now regret that I am retired as you touch my mind and heart with the concepts explored here. I shall have my own personal fun discovering these unique visuals. Thanks!


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