Welcome to August!!

Emily Larsen

MCTM President



The thing I appreciate the most about summertime is taking one big commitment off my plate and then making time to do those other things that energize me. For me this summer it includes reading.  I have been reading Harry Potter, again for at least the 10th time, and digging into Jo Boaler’s Mathematical Mindsets.  Mathematical Mindsets is a fabulous book full of ideas for classroom implementation with links to research.  If you haven’t read it, yet, you need to.  

As we look at heading back to school, establishing your classroom community is key to setting the tone for the entire year.  Jo Boaler provides a framework for norms for the mathematics classroom with these seven norms:
1. Everyone Can Learn Math to the Highest Levels
2. Mistakes Are Valuable
3. Questions Are Really Important
4. Math is about Creativity and Making Sense
5. Math is about Connections and Communicating
6. Depth is Much More Important Than Speed
7. Math Class is about Learning, Not Performing (p. 172-3)

For the next month, think about how you will live these norms in your classroom for 2017-18.  How will you build these norms into your classroom expectations and community?

Boaler, J. (2016). Mathematical mindsets: Unleashing students’ potential through creative math, inspiring messages and innovative teaching.  San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

I am excited to report that due to our eMembership we are engaging more and more mathematics educators in MCTM.  Our membership numbers have increased for all grade levels, but the largest increase is with our PreK-5 membership; we increased from 181 in February 2016 to 712 in 2017 and those numbers continue to grow.  We are continuing to support and develop high quality resources, conferences and networking opportunities to engage all of our members–and are happy you have decided to join us. Please share information about eMembership with others.  Go to this form to join!

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the State Fair and our upcoming MCTM Events!!


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