MCTM CONNECT Book Giveaway

It’s time to clean your closets or offices!

Please consider donating any unneeded but reasonably current textbooks or other learning materials to the MCTM CONNECT Book Giveaway. The CONNECT Session is held on the evening before the start of the Spring Conference, Thursday, April 27, at the DECC in Duluth. About 70 preservice and beginning teachers will attend a program and then be encouraged to help them selves to all the free materials donated by MCTM members and several publishers. Materials need to be at the Gooseberry Falls Room by 5:00 PM on the 27th. For questions or transportation help contact Larry Luck,, 763-486-5119 before April 24. This resource allows beginning teachers to begin to develop a professional library as well as to enrich their conference experience so please donate what you can.

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