MCTM Staff Development Survey

MCTM Staff Development Survey – your assistance is requested.

During the 2016 MCTM Spring Conference, a need was expressed for creating a statewide resource of how districts provide staff development during the school duty day.  This need came out of Region 8 which is a predominantly rural region where staff development opportunities often require time and/or traveling outside of the school duty day.  The MCTM Staff Development survey was developed and recently sent out to curriculum directors.  This survey is also available to you.  Whether you are in a rural, suburban or urban district, please complete the survey providing information about how your school arranges their schedule to provide professional staff development during the school duty day.

The importance of this survey relies in our belief that staff development is vital for the success of any school district.  Thank you for showing you value staff development by taking the time to complete this survey.  Results of this survey will be shared in April.

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  1. Anna Thompson
    March 9, 2017

    This is test 1.


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