Pass this on to new teachers in your building!


Submitted by
Ryota Matsuura
Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Director of Mathematics Education, St. Olaf College
MCTM VP for Mathematics


If there are mathematics teachers in your building who are in their first few years of teaching, make sure that they get CONNECTed to MCTM. As part of the Council’s service to our members, the MCTM CONNECT Committee offers several opportunities to help beginning teachers feel supported and grow professionally. Since there is no convenient way to get in touch with new colleagues, we rely on you, our members, to help us get connected. Please give this page to your colleagues who are new.

Services that MCTM CONNECT provides include:
• CONNECT Blog: This blog contains useful tips and information for new and beginning teachers. The latest post, written by May Vang, is titled “What’s with the posters?” Check out the blog at
• Mentors: Beginning teachers who are interested can be connected with an experienced math teacher for email and telephone consultation and support.
• The MCTM CONNECT Session (April 27, 2017): Held on the Thursday night before the Spring Conference, pre-service and beginning teachers will make connections, learn how the maximize their conference experience, enjoy a meal compliments of MCTM, and participate in the famous door prize and book give-away.
• The MCTM Spring Conference (April 28-29, 2017): This major mathematics professional development event in Minnesota held annually will enable new teachers to become more aware of what others are doing and of the resources available, in addition to getting connected to state and national leaders in mathematics education.

To be sure that all new math teachers are connected to these professional growth and support opportunities, encourage them to contact MCTM. We can’t inform them of these activities if we don’t know who they are. For more information visit or to be CONNECTed, contact Larry Luck at or at 763-784-0084.

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