You have just spent an inspiring weekend in Duluth at the MCTM Spring Conference. You have a notebook full of great ideas to implement into your classroom and are looking forward to continuing the conversation going via Twitter. The hashtag #MCTMDuluth has kept us connected throughout the conference, but what about a hashtag for when you need to connect with your Minnesota Tweeps in June for Summer networking? Or in February when you need a Winter pickup from your local math minded online colleagues?

Introducing #MTBoSMN. We are using the traditional MathTwitterBlogosphere hashtag and adding MN to the end of it. Yes, we are following in the footsteps of #MTBoSBA in order to create a common place for local math tweeps to virtually gather (the BA stands for Bay Area). Our conversations, reflections, and collaborations don’t stop when we leave Duluth. Our hashtag shouldn’t either.


Let’s connect all year.

Not just in Duluth in the Spring.

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