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Megan Schmidt

Mathematics Specialist, St. Francis School District

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Minnesota Math Teacher Tweeter of the Month

wagenmanFifteen years ago, Laura Wagenman (@laura_wagenman)  could not have seen herself teaching mathematics to 5th graders.  Today, she is MCTM’s first Elementary Math Teacher Tweeter of the Month.  After observing for a while she found her comfort zone and enjoys sharing and interacting with like-minded educators.  

“My favorite part is the community I feel on Twitter,” Laura says.   “While I’ve only met a handful of people face to face, I  feel #mtbos support and kindness. Equally as important, Twitter has made me a better math teacher and teacher in general. I am pushed to try new things to help my kids succeed when I see what others are doing. There is no better professional development.”  She participates regularly in two twitter chats:  #elemMathChat, which is a support for teachers of younger mathematicians and #NCTMpta,which explores the book Principles to Actions from NCTM.  She’s excited to attend Twitter Math Camp this summer in Minneapolis and meet more members of the Math Twitter Blogosphere in person.  I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from her via Twitter through an elementary teacher perspective.  Laura also enjoys a good (or cheesy) math pun, which I think is a sine of a great teacher.  

Laura’s Twitter Handle: @laura_wagenman

Laura’s Blog:  Believe in the Good



  1. Marian
    March 6, 2016

    The good thing about Zap Zap Math is it covers from pre-K up to Grade 6! this is perfect for my kids. I just hand them over their ipads and they work on it. Best part, I get to keep tall of their scores

  2. Marcia Granley
    March 12, 2016

    Laura, you are so smart, your kids are lucky to have such a dedicated teacher! I’m so proud of you!


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