Another Diversity Tool – Podcasts

As we strive to meet the learning needs of all students, especially students of color, I want to invite you join me as I eavesdrop on conversations I don’t normally hear in my white suburban world. I do my eavesdropping through two podcasts, Code Switch and Counter Stories.

Reading the MCA Reports

What do Partially Meets, Meets, and Exceeds mean on the Individual Student Reports (ISR)?

Rubik’s Cube Lending Program

The part that I want to share with you is they have a lending library of Rubik’s cubes. I signed up at the conference to have a set of 36 Rubik’s cubes sent to my district for me to use on loan.

Benchmark Families

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Fact Families show us how a group of numbers relates to each other. A student’s family teaches us more about how best to teach the student. The idea of families and relationships holds true for each of the Minnesota benchmarks as well.

MCA Technology Enhanced Items In Action (videos)

Submitted by Angela Hochstetter and Ann Page (MDE Math Specialists)
Would you like to see some technology-enhanced items in action?

Academic Mindset

The word “Mindset” has a nearly automatic association to many educators out there…but what if all along we haven’t been putting this theory in its rightful place as a facet of a larger, more important mindset, the Academic Mindset?

Making Minnesota Nice with the Standards of Mathematical Practice

As members of the Minnesota mathematics community, it may be no mystery that the Gopher state opted out of adopting the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics.

Math Drives Careers – Mathematics Awareness Month April 2015

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Innovation is an increasingly important factor in the growth of world economies. It is especially important in key economic sectors like manufacturing, materials, energy, biotechnology, healthcare, networks, and professional and business services. The advances in and applications of the mathematical sciences have become drivers of innovation as new systems and methodologies have become more complex. […]

Core Math Tools. CPMP-Tools. TCMS-Tools. Variations on freely available technology for investigation and problem solving.

The version of these software tools developed in conjunction with an NCTM task force is called is Core Math Tools. It is promoted on the NCTM website along with sample lessons, custom apps, and readily available how-to pages that may make it the most user friendly place to begin.

March Math Madness Challenge!

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Are you ready for an “I love math month”? See what Courtney LaRoche was inspired to create for her district and invites you to use in your own.