One Week Course: Entrepreneurship and Design-Thinking for Teachers

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This brand new, one-week course immerses teachers in design-thinking and lean startup methodology concepts using a hands-on curriculum to promote entrepreneurship with their students. Registration is $80 and all participants will receive a $150 stipend and 35 CEUs upon completing the full course.

MN Math Leaders and MDE Fall Kick-Off

What does fluency with basic facts actually mean, and how is fact fluency developed? During this session, participants will explore meaningful activities and games designed to help children progress along a developmental trajectory towards lasting fact mastery.

MN Math Leaders & MDE 2-day Leadership Series

This 2-day series is designed to help school and district leadership teams implement K-12 mathematics programs that sustain and improve the learning of each and every student over time. Research affirmed practices and protocols are provided that when implemented correctly significantly improve student learning and teacher knowledge of mathematics.

CONNECT Session at the Spring Conference

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New and future are invited to the CONNECT Session held during 7:00–9:00 PM on Thursday, April 27th, the evening before the MCTM Spring Conference in Duluth.

Teachers Helping Teachers: Grants and Scholarships for Teachers

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The MCTM Foundation awards grants and scholarships to teachers. Since it began, the Foundation has awarded 86 grants and scholarships to K-12 math teachers across Minnesota.

Connect with Metro Area Math Teachers!

As I advertised CONNECT’s events I was contacted by many not-new math teachers saying “Hey, we want to get together too”.

MCTM Equity Task Force Resources

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The Path to Equity, webinar, and Spring Conference.

Scholarships and Teacher Support

The MCTM Foundation awards scholarships of up to $1200 to middle school teachers to help with costs. You can help us award more grants by donating to the MCTM Foundation.

Volunteer Opportunities

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We hope this helps you in your efforts to make connections. If you find something you want to share, or are looking for volunteers within the MCTM organization, contact your Region Director who will be able to channel the information to the Communications Committee.

Teachers Sharing Resources

Teachers Sharing Resources is a suite of online portals that allow teachers to share effective resources with each other.