Fact Fluency: What does it mean? How do I know students have it?

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Recently, I have been working with teachers to challenge conventional wisdom and classroom practices regarding fact fluency.

June, July, and August are not “off” for teachers

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Contributed by Courtney LaRoche
As we know, there are no technical fixes to getting kids to learn math. Middle school students are complex beings, and can be challenging to engage in anything, especially mathematics. We, as teachers, are able to assess this current reality with our students and identify a desired state of engagement, but are not always sure how to get there with each and every student.

A Lot Like a Sneeze

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Contributed by Mardi Knudson
It’s cold and flu season and I can’t help but see the correlation between a sneeze and teaching math. ..

Comfy Chaos in the Middle School Classroom

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Submitted by Amy Wix
When I meet a middle school teacher, I think to myself, “Wow, someone who understands my world!”

What do you NOTICE? What do you WONDER?

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Submitted by Courtney LaRoche
Our students notice and wonder about mathematics constantly! But do they realize it? Do we realize it as teachers? Try asking them two powerful questions:

My Favorite Task & the Magical Teaching Sweet Spot

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Submitted by Sara Van Der Werf
I could not have predicted my favorite day in my 7th grade classroom last school year. The task I selected for the day was chosen as a quick 10 minute warm-up problem.