Pass This on to New Teachers in Your Building!

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If there are mathematics teachers in your building who are in their first few years of teaching, make sure that they get CONNECTed to MCTM.

Educators Needed: Item Review for Grade 9-12 Math Assessment

 Dr. Theodore J. Christ and his research team in Educational Psychology at the University of Minnesota are developing math assessment items for students in grades 9-12. We need math educators or others with similar skills (e.g., educators on sabbatical, retired, in-transition, math experts, etc.) who can participate in item reviews from late December 2017 – April 2018. 

Equity Task Force Invitation to Events

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Spring Conference, Pop-up PDs, Equity Alliance MN

In Memoriam – Mary Jo Aiken

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On October 28th, a math education leader, Mary Jo Aiken, passed away. As reported in her obituary, “She was an example for many women and girls in a predominantly male-dominated field and opened doors for many. She taught the advanced and challenged with equal passion and believed that everyone had mathematical potential. She left no […]

2018 Spring Conference and Symposium

2018 MCTM Spring Conference and Symposium – Information and Registration.

Data Table Added to Each Released Math Item

Released items and data tables are now provided for teacher or parent use as well as for students. All items on the MDE Released Item webpage were used operationally on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA-III).

$$$$ Available for MN Math Teachers

Cutler Scholarships Available for Middle Grade Teachers and Teacher Incentive Grants Available from MCTM

MCTM Committee Spotlight

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MN Math Leaders is a Standing Committee of MCTM that works with supporting mathematics education leaders. MCTM is an affiliate of NCSM and the MN Math Leaders is our link in Minnesota to that national organization.

Minnesota Math Teachers to Follow on Twitter

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The MCTM Communications Committee has been looking for ways to people connect with other Minnesota math teachers throughout the year. One of the things we have done is create a list of Minnesota math teachers to follow on Twitter in the following Google Doc

PopUp PD and Equity Book Discussion

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May Vang is starting a monthly Pop-up PD this year. Annie Perkins organized a small number of people to read “Weapons of Math Destruction”