Candidates for Region 6 Director

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Solveig Harriday and Jesús Sandoval

Candidates for Region 3 Director

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Dawn Dibley and Jessica Rice

Get Off the Escalator! “Teaching” is Active and Intentional.

Submitted by Sara Van Der Werf
As we enter 2016, my wish for the all teachers is that we would stop wasting time making excuses for why our students are not learning, we would not waste time wishing for students to arrive with more skills than they have. I wish we would see the assets our students do arrive with. I wish for all of us that we would actively do something different if our students are not successful. My wish for 2016 is that all of us would ‘get off the escalator’ and make intentional choices in our teaching.

Math On-A-Stick

Submitted by Jessica Breur.
Those of you from Minnesota probably understand that for most Minnesotans the last “official” summer event is the Minnesota State Fair. I attended the fair. I did not eat anything on a stick. I did, however, experience Math On-A-Stick, and it was amazing.

Happy Hunting

Into the fall and winter many people find themselves out hunting. No different the mathematicians perusing the NCTM Regional Conference Program Book in November in Minneapolis. With pen and highlighter poised participants were ready to hit the target of the perfect session(s) to find that “just right” strategy to address the focus of classroom or district needs.

Promoting the Right Stuff

You know what you should do? PROMOTE the right stuff.
Thoughts on MCTM’s Mission Statement

Math Tweeter of the Month

Last year, at MCTM in Duluth, Aloma P. Rohman (@rohmansoldier) joined Twitter and started her exciting journey through the MathTwitterBlogosphere (#MTBoS).

MCTM’s Mission Statement

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Earlier this year, when I began my role as President of MCTM, I decided it was important that I really read and try to understand our organization’s mission statement.

Math Tweeter of the Month

As an ongoing feature, Math Bits would like to highlight some of Minnesota’s fabulous teachers that are growing professionally through social media.