Pass this on to new teachers in your building!

If there are mathematics teachers in your building who are in their first few years of teaching, make sure that they get CONNECTed to MCTM. As part of the Council’s service to our members, the MCTM CONNECT Committee offers several opportunities to help beginning teachers feel supported and grow professionally. Since there is no convenient way to get in touch with new colleagues, we rely on you, our members, to help us get connected. Please give this page to your colleagues who are new.

It’s Elementary!

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Sometimes an idea keeps coming up in surprising places and surprising ways. At first it intrigues you. Then it pops up again and again. You start thinking someone out there is trying to tell you something.

MDE/MCTM MN Math Leader Workshops

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MDE and MCTM present two workshops for MN Math Leaders

Thank You, Tom Muchlinski

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The MN Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM) Board of Directors wishes to extend its appreciation to Tom Muchlinski for his many years of service as Executive Director of MCTM.

NCTM Professional Development Summer (and Fall) 2016

NCTM Interactive Institutes NCTM’s Interactive Institutes offer two and a half days of face-to-face, in-depth professional development provided by experts in mathematics education.

MN Math Tweeter of the Month

Did Sara Vanderwerf get you signed up for Twitter during the MCTM Spring Conference? Wondering who to follow to get some great ideas for your classroom and connect with? Look no further than Becky Rahm ( @beckyrahm ).

#MCTMequity – A Call To Action

As I enter my second and last year as MCTM’s President, I feel drawn to come before you as a white woman who has worked in a large urban school district for 25 years to say I have a lot to learn.

“It’s the Little Things”

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It’s paying attention to the little things that makes a big difference. How do we get our students to see value in proof reading their work and answers?

MCTM Executive Director Announcement

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MCTM is happy to announce that Ellen Delaney has been selected and accepted the position as MCTM’s next Executive Director effective May 1, 2016.

Balancing the fear of ALL with the pursuit of ALL

This article is part 6 of an 8 article series highlighting 8 words in the MCTM Mission Statement highlighting the word ‘ALL’.