MyNCTM is Your NCTM!

You know, and we know, that learning, planning, and growing with others is better than doing so in isolation. MyNCTM, just released, is designed to support you in actively doing this with one another.


I love books about leadership. I especially love those books that provide a vision and an opportunity for reflection. Dr. Timothy Kanold’s book titled HEART! Fully Forming Your Professional Life as a Teacher and Leader does both.

10 Minnesota Math Teacher Blogs

Here are some of my favorite Minnesota Math Teacher Bloggers. You need to follow each of their blogs. They all have some fantastic things to say. (In no particular order)

MCTM Committee Spotlight

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MN Math Leaders is a Standing Committee of MCTM that works with supporting mathematics education leaders. MCTM is an affiliate of NCSM and the MN Math Leaders is our link in Minnesota to that national organization.

Minnesota Math Teachers to Follow on Twitter

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The MCTM Communications Committee has been looking for ways to people connect with other Minnesota math teachers throughout the year. One of the things we have done is create a list of Minnesota math teachers to follow on Twitter in the following Google Doc

How to Get Involved in MCTM

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Are you interested in getting more involved in the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics but don’t know where to get started?

This is Not a Test – A Book Report

I have not written a book report since I was in high school, but after reading This is Not a Test – A New Narrative on Race, Class, and Education by José Luis Vilson and listening to Vilson speak at the MCTM Spring Conference, I am inspired to write. I encourage you to read his book, this book report will not be a spoiler.

MN Math Leaders & MDE 2-day Leadership Series

This 2-day series is designed to help school and district leadership teams implement K-12 mathematics programs that sustain and improve the learning of each and every student over time. Research affirmed practices and protocols are provided that when implemented correctly significantly improve student learning and teacher knowledge of mathematics.

We Are Powerless

On Friday, at the NCTM Annual Meeting in San Antonio, I was lucky enough to deliver an Ignite with 9 other amazing classroom teachers. Each had their own special take on education. Here is mine.

MCTM Equity Task Force Resources

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The Path to Equity, webinar, and Spring Conference.