Choosing a Primary Resource for Instruction

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The term “primary resource” for many would be the “curriculum” used to guide instruction. For the district in which I teach, our curriculum is the set of MN standards for math; our “primary resource” is the text (or other platform) teachers use to guide instruction on the standards and benchmarks

It’s Elementary! – Rich Tasks

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We hear a lot about Rich Tasks these days. But…what does a “rich task” look like to you? What separates a rich task from an ordinary one? Where do we find them?

Supplemental Math Resources from MDE

On the Pearson Perspective website ( there are hundreds of FREE resources available to you and your students.

More Accessible Mathematics

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I used the book: Accessible Mathematics: 10 Instructional Shifts that Raise Student Achievement by Steven Leinwand as a springboard for some ideas to reflect upon as the new school year was underway.

MCTM Foundation Offers Spring Conference Grants

Thinking ahead to the Spring Conference but your school or district is short on funds? The MCTM Foundation offers grants of up to $550 per person to supplement your costs.

Access, Equity and Empowerment – A Report from the Affiliate Leadership Conference

The focus of this year’s conference was to frame the WHY of our organization in order to connect to the heart of our members and their work as educators.

Present at the 2017 MCTM Spring Conference

What are you excited about? What is working for you? What is important to you? What do others need to know? We all improve when we share. Consider presenting at the 2017 MCTM Spring Conference. You can  find a link to the Speaker Form on the 2017 MCTM Spring Conference page at or Access the form […]

CONNECT Math Mixer on Dec. 1

You are invited to the CONNECT Math Mixer!

Differentiating with Trajectories

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A learning trajectory is a common developmental path to understanding a concept. Douglas H. Clements describes a simple example: “children first learn to crawl, which is followed by walking, running, skipping, and jumping with increased speed and dexterity.”

Q & A about MCA Math Test Resources

Q1: What can you do to help prepare students for the MCA?