Professional Learning and Networking in an Online Environment

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There has been an amazing transformation that has taken place in both professional learning and networking in mathematics teaching and learning.

My 5 Favorite “Which One Doesn’t Belong” Images

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Narrowing down to just 5 favorite Which One Doesn’t Belong images was difficult. Not only are there a wealth of resources on the site, following @WODBMath and #wodb on Twitter, and this Google folder expands your options to even more treasures.

Learning Basic Single-Digit Combinations (Facts): Developing Important Ideas in Mathematics; Part I – The Case

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This is the first in a series of articles that proposes a different instructional approach and purpose for becoming fluent in recalling basic single-digit combinations in all four operations.

Building Classroom Community

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So as we get started on this new school year, work as a school to support each other in the development of your school community. Look to your colleagues to improve your skills and share ideas.

Welcome to August!!

As we look at heading back to school, establishing your classroom community is key to setting the tone for the entire year.  Jo Boaler provides a framework for norms for the mathematics classroom with seven norms.

5 Ways to Include Yourself in the Online Math Community – Without Being on Twitter

Over the last year or 2 I’ve accepted the fact that there is a rather large subset of educators that love the #MTBoS resources I send out as links or share at sessions I lead, but they are not even close to ready to join twitter.  This post is for you.

Summer Homework for Math Teachers – 5 Websites You Need to Spend an Hour at and Steal Amazing Resources for Your Classroom This Fall.

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So this summer I am spending 1 hour at each of the 5 websites below. I have 8 word docs (one for each unit I teach) ready to add all the resources I find.  You can organize what you find any way you like.  Join me in doing some teacher summer homework and search these sites with me.

The Spinner 3-Act Task in 4th Grade

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How long will a fidget spinner spin? I used this current craze to engage my 4th graders in a math review. Students started by making an estimate of how long the spin would last.

From the MCTM Equity Task Force

Happy Summer! The Equity Task Force wanted to supply you with some summer reading/viewing opportunities to support your learning and growth in the area of equity.

This is Not a Test – A Book Report

I have not written a book report since I was in high school, but after reading This is Not a Test – A New Narrative on Race, Class, and Education by José Luis Vilson and listening to Vilson speak at the MCTM Spring Conference, I am inspired to write. I encourage you to read his book, this book report will not be a spoiler.