I love books about leadership. I especially love those books that provide a vision and an opportunity for reflection. Dr. Timothy Kanold’s book titled HEART! Fully Forming Your Professional Life as a Teacher and Leader does both.

2018 Spring Conference and Symposium

2018 MCTM Spring Conference and Symposium – Information and Registration.

Data Table Added to Each Released Math Item

Released items and data tables are now provided for teacher or parent use as well as for students. All items on the MDE Released Item webpage were used operationally on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA-III).

Mathematical Beauty on Vacation to Use in Classroom Conversation

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This interaction reminded me of a talk Christopher Danielson gave at MCTM Duluth this past spring, using photos to encourage math discussion and Malke Rosenfeld’s Instagram Page, Math Off the Page. I was inspired to find the mathematical beauty as I explored Trinidad and Tobago the next several days.

10 Minnesota Math Teacher Blogs

Here are some of my favorite Minnesota Math Teacher Bloggers. You need to follow each of their blogs. They all have some fantastic things to say. (In no particular order)

Math Lettering

I organized a professional development day this summer and had to make signs to point people in the right direction. As an overachiever, I had to make them mathy.

Learning Basic Single-Digit Combinations (Facts): Developing Important Ideas in Mathematics; Part II – Developing Number Strings to Build Derived Strategies

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This month, I would like to concentrate on ways to develop number strings with students. Multiplication will be featured as the operation around which these number strings can be formed.

Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Examples with Shared Context

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The following examples were compiled to demonstrate one way depth of knowledge (DOK) levels I, II, and III may be displayed in a test item (question).

$$$$ Available for MN Math Teachers

Cutler Scholarships Available for Middle Grade Teachers and Teacher Incentive Grants Available from MCTM

How to Connect with Minnesota Math Teachers and Resources.

There are 4 great ways to keep up with mathematics news and math resources in Minnesota.