10 Minnesota Math Teacher Blogs

Here are some of my favorite Minnesota Math Teacher Bloggers. You need to follow each of their blogs. They all have some fantastic things to say. (In no particular order)

Math Lettering

I organized a professional development day this summer and had to make signs to point people in the right direction. As an overachiever, I had to make them mathy.

5 Ways to Include Yourself in the Online Math Community – Without Being on Twitter

Over the last year or 2 I’ve accepted the fact that there is a rather large subset of educators that love the #MTBoS resources I send out as links or share at sessions I lead, but they are not even close to ready to join twitter.  This post is for you.

Candidates for Region 7 Director

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Get to know the candidates for Region 7 Director

All Things Pythagorean

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The Pythagorean Theorem has never seemed the same to me since seeing it rendered in terms of the Mona Lisa.

MN Math Tweeter of the Month

Did Sara Vanderwerf get you signed up for Twitter during the MCTM Spring Conference? Wondering who to follow to get some great ideas for your classroom and connect with? Look no further than Becky Rahm ( @beckyrahm ).

Pictures from the 2016 Spring Conference

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See pictures and video clips from the 2016 Spring Conference in Duluth

Number Routine, Number Talk or Problem String?

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The terms number routine, number talk, and problem string, are often used interchangeably. Recently I have been wondering is there a difference? And if so, how would I describe it and when should I use one over the other?

CONNECT Session at the Spring Conference

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New and future teachers are invited to the CONNECT Session held during 7:00–9:00 PM on Thursday, April 28th, the evening before the MCTM Spring Conference in Duluth.

MCA Online Item Samplers and Teacher Guides

Item samplers and teacher guides are available as resources for MCA preparation. The teacher guides give additional information about each sampler item and may be used in conjunction with the samplers. (The online location for both of these is at the end of this post.)